Residential Properties

Project Management

A General Contractor was growing their business and now working on several projects at one time. We were called in to help project manage the completion of the work. This meant managing subcontractors, the builder’s employees and working with the investor pool that was funding the project, so the owner of the GC could focus on new business and other projects under construction. In the case we were hires when the projects were 30% completed and the GC realized they were losing money and valuable time as the GC had not yet found a system for managing multiple projects. We were able to help the GC set up a system for the projects, be on site several times a week and manage the time and quality of the project. We interviewed and engaged the right realtor for the product and codesigned the marketing plan for the properties. The final result was 4 beautiful homes all of which were sold within 30 days of completion.

Real Estate

Realtor Initiated Project​

This is probably the largest volume of our business. We are often contacted by realtors who have land or homeowners that want to sell their property. We work with the realtor managing any work that needs to be completed so the home can sell at its maximum value, or we offer the realtor an idea as to the cost of the completion of a project. In many instances we the first contact from the Realtor and we can help them close the project listing and sale based on our network of investors, builders and buyers.
Residential Properties

Homeowner Renovation

The Premier Builder Group was hired by a homeowner who wanted to work on his home renovation by herself. We were retained to project manage the project for the client who was in the music business and often away on tour. We brought together all the necessary trades for the project, handled all permits, drawings and documents needed for completion of the project. The end result was a homeowner who lowered their cost of the renovation by 40% and a beautiful new addition.

Residential and Commercial Properties

Our Own Projects

There are certain situations where we have found, funded and completed the construction on new properties. We take the process from finding the right location, designing the entire building, setting up all plans, gathering all permits and then building the home as the owner of the property. We initiate and engage all subcontractors and complete the project. We often sell the home after a year of or more of ownership and we keep all the profits.

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Residential Properties

Rescued Overextended Builder

We were contacted by a GC that was in the midst of a financial crisis and had a property they had started but could not finish and was looking at foreclosure. The Premier Builder Group brought together a New GC, Cash to buy out the destressed builder, a realtor and even a buyer for the end project. We utilized all our relationships and closed the original opportunity in 5 days and the final project over 10 months.

Residential Project

Deal Maker

We were contacted by a home owner who wanted to sell their property and maximize their returns. The owner wanted to participate in any of the land development profits. The Premier Builder Group picked the appropriate realtor for the project, contacted the best investor, found the best architect and hired the right GC to build the project. Gordon over saw the entire project even down to marketing the property which was sold within 10 days of its completion. The end result was the original landowner netted a 30% increase over their original sales price, the construction process went well, and the new homeowners got an amazing home. The Premier Builders Group charged a management fee of $12,000 for the project that took 8 months to complete.

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