10 Signs that your Home Needs Renovation

Do you feel your home is losing its appeal and charm? Does it look like your home is not making the profound impression it used to make few years back? Are you considering home renovation but unsure whether it is the right time for it? Well, there is no right or wrong time when it comes home renovation, it totally depends on the wear and tear the home has suffered and what changes are you hoping to make in the place. As, the founder of The Premier Builder Group in Nashville, TN, I, Gordon Grigg, know the importance of keeping a home in good shape. Your home is one of your most prized investments, and a home renovation in Nashville will help you add value to your investment.

So, the big questions are when you decide that your home needs renovation or what is the ‘right time’ for a home renovation. Well, look for these 10 signs in your home, and make the decision:

1. Visible damages – Does your home have major structural damages like leaking roof? Does it have rotten floorboards or a moldy wall? Can you spot cracks in the plaster or your furniture? Well, do not ignore small cracks, leaks or wear and tear, as they can turn serious pretty quickly. Also, the cost of repairing a home when there is a minor roof leak or plumbing issue will be less than repairs required after complete deterioration. Remember, structural damages not only affect the look of your home, they make the house dangerous to stay in.

2. Need more space or a different layout – Since you shifted into your current home, has your family grown? Does your home seem cramped and less functional? Do you want to add another room or an open outdoor space to the layout? Well, if your home is feeling small for your family and your daily life, you should consider renovation. A cluttered home can be difficult to live and also poses a fire hazard. With new open floor layout plans, an architect can help you make better and more efficient use of space considering needs of your growing family.

3. Interiors look dull and old – Does your home look like it’s from the ‘80s in terms of furniture and design? If you have been living in a home for several years, there may be wear and tear in the house that you have not noticed. In the past decades, home interiors and home layouts have changed a lot. Today, the preference is on open space, lively aesthetics and modern furniture. If you are tired of the dark, heavy furniture or the boring walls of your home or love the appeal of a modern home, it’s time for a change.

4. Constant repairs – Does it feel that you are constantly looking for someone to make repairs here and there in your home? Right from peeling paint on the walls to floorboards popping out, issues with plumbing to drainage there can be several things that need your attention constantly. Seeking help constantly for small repairs is not only tedious, but also can be cost intensive.

5. Appliances are outdated– Is your heating and cooling system outdated? Are the appliances in your home quite old and lack in features that are found in the current day appliances? Well, in that case, you should consider a home renovation. Outdated appliances not only lack features, but mostly they consume more energy resulting in high energy bills.

6. Termite Infestation – Have you noticed termite infestation in your house? Even if it is just in a section or one room of the home, do not ignore it. Termite infestation can spread really quickly and could destroy all the wood work in the house. Apart from termites, look for other pests and insects too. Presence of pests and insects also indicates that there are messy, dirty and deterioration around the house.

7. Moving towards green living – With growing awareness about global warming, people are preferring to move towards a green and sustainable lifestyle. Reduced energy bills, tax rebates and incentives are other reasons people are preferring green remodeling. Are you also considering green remodeling? Well, a home renovation is what you need to convert your home into a green home.

8. Basement needs transformation – Is your basement simply a storage area of your home? Do you want to transform your basement into something more useful, modern and fun. Well, you can get in touch with an architect and discuss ideas for the transformation.

9. Embarrassed to invite guests – Do you avoid inviting guests to your place? Do you feel a bit embarrassed of how your home looks from inside and outside? Well, this is definitely an indicator that your home needs a re-do. When you do not get a happy feeling looking at your home or living in it, you surely need to consider a remodel.

10. Planning to sell – Are you planning to sell your home? You will surely want to get the best value of your property and looks of the home plays an important factor in deciding the price of the house. Though investing in renovation before selling the home may seem unnecessary, it is very important to get the right price for your property.

If your home is showing any of the above signs, you should considering going for a home renovation as soon as possible. Home renovation can be less scary and smoother when you hire experts and take professional help. Have a clear idea of what you want, the amount of money you can invest and the time period you can manage the temporary disruptions in your life due to the renovations.

Home renovations cost time and money. So, make sure find a professional contractor who understands what you need and your budget. At The Premier Builder Group in Nashville, TN, we have been helping homeowners plan, design and renovate their homes, so call us and ask for Gordon Grigg today.